PAL Smart Counter

PAL Smart Counter



  • – Algorithms provide predictive maintenance
  • – Processes and work-flow efficiencies are increased
  • – Improved force readiness with assurance
  • – Monitor personal weapon usage
  • – Can be integrated into ERP systems
  • – Scalable, to include sensitive items accountability

Data recorded:

Drops, blank/suppressed shots, live shots, rate of fire, calculated barrel temperature, and battery status.

Key Points:

  • – Features RuBee low frequency magnetic technology
  • – Consists of 3 basic elements: Weapon Data Tag, Reader (Javelin or Sidewinder), and Software (Allegro)
  • – Can be customized to fit organization/operational needs
  • – Round counting and algorithms are +98% accurate

ERP System Integration


Measurement Source

Magnetic Waves

Temperature Range

-40° C to +85° C