2024 SHOT Show Event

LMT AT was thrilled at the opportunity to partner with its sister company, Lewis Machine & Tool Company (LMT®), DBA LMT Defense® and share a booth at Las Vegas’ 2024 SHOT Show event.

The LMT brand was excited to show off its end-to-end partnership of LMT brand rifles and LMT brand suppressors that are actively fielded with various international and domestic military and law enforcement groups. The durability, repeatability, and quality craftsmanship that the LMT brand is known for was on full display.

AT can’t disclose all of the customers it is actively working with, but we would like to thank all of our customers both new and old along with those unfamiliar with the brand for speaking with the group. AT prides itself on putting forth the best product possible and shows like this are great ways to discern if our products are meeting quality expectations and what new techniques & technologies are emerging to ultimately drive where and how to improve AT products, processes, and people.

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